December 17, 2019

Tech is revolutionising the consumer experience.

Where once brand and customer interactions were transactional, we’re now seeing more and more brands investing in providing unique experiences for their users.

Burberry has begun merging luxury fashion with social media to enable users to curate personal digital experiences, while Chanel is using augmented reality in their festive New York pop-up at the Standard High Line.

As well as the ice rink and the usual seasonal touches, “Chanel N°5 in the Snow” merges real-world interactions with digital and features an immersive AR experience where users can interact with their own personalised snow globe.

While this is might be some festive fun, it again illustrates the commitment of brands in the luxury fashion sector to innovate when it comes to customer interactions.

At Prevayl®, we’re focusing on the idea of a personal curated digital experience. Our technology enables users to collate, measure and curate their own digital health data providing them with the platform to change how they live in the real world.

Through the seamless connection between a user’s offline life and online health data, each individual will have the personal insights to tailor every aspect of their life for the better.

As we move into 2020, we’re set to see more brands taking this approach and using innovative technology to enhance customer connections.