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Hardware is Hard

It’s a common phrase often seen in headlines to show the latest tech flop. While there is some truth behind the myth. Often there are number of reasons why start-ups building hardware fail; from team alignment to poor market position, hands-off manufacturing to dreaded ‘feature creep’.

Hardware start-ups are expanding; global hardware accelerator HAX knows this better than anyone and details the latest trends in its yearly report. TechCrunch recently reported on HAX’s findings. The report highlighted several vital insights: hardware companies are increasingly entering the public market, and more privately-held hardware startups are exceeding a valuation of $1 billion. Of those unicorns, more than 50% are Chinese hardware companies. Google’s recent acquisition of FitBit is the latest in a long line of acquisitions that focus on hardware (Nest Labs, Dropcam, Motorola Mobility, HTC talent).

Developing an end-to-end system and designing our hardware in house keeps Prevayl® ahead of the competition. We aren’t at the mercy of existing platforms; we aren’t limited by other manufacturer’s devices which are often built upon outdated legacy designs. Having our own end-to-end platform, with our own ground breaking electronics means that we are in control of a wearer’s data at every stage, and never goes through an unknown third party.

We are designing from the ground up, putting the garment first and seamlessly integrating the electronics with invisibility. Pulling the focus away from the clever technology, and putting the onus on the ease of use for the consumer and the transparency of their data flow.

We are eagerly building out our hardware capability, hiring the best minds in the global wearable electronics’ space, allowing us to design and iterate faster than the competition and bring product to market faster without relying on the limitations of third parties. We are currently expanding our hardware hub here in the UK and are keen to utilise the best that UK manufacturing has to offer. Most importantly we are able to blend hardware, garment and software at the point of inception, rather than building a system that has to align with existing products.

We at Prevayl dispel the myth of hardware and take a slightly different stance

Hardware is different.

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