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Prevayl Company Culture. Q&A with Adam Crofts

Adam Crofts, CEO of Prevayl®, has been building the business from day one. Since setting up Prevayl he has put in place one of the most talented and innovative teams in the industry.

We sat down with him to find out how he approaches creating the right team and the importance of company culture in a start-up.

1.Why is company culture so important in a start-up?

Company culture is important in any business, but even more so in a start-up where the pace of change is so fast.

Getting company culture right from the outset enables you to establish the pace and ambition of the business, set the values, and define how we represent ourselves in the world. It’s essential not to be too rigid with it though and to ensure it’s flexible and respectful enough to keep a growing team happy and productive.

It can sometimes be a hard balance to strike, but it can be so effective when you hit that sweet spot.

2. What makes Prevayl different?

The nature of our mission and our day to day work means that we have to hire a really diverse mix of people. I like to refer to them as an “eclectic mix of amazing minds”.

The disciplines required within the business are as diverse as the people who lead each team. We always welcome new personalities and require those that think outside the box and approach new challenges with a different mindset. That’s essential for how we work.

It’s also crucial to instil a collaborative culture both for our internal day to day operations and for the future of the business.

3. How much of this is influenced by your own experiences?

From my previous experience working within and leading businesses I’ve been able to identify those things I don’t like or haven’t enjoyed, whether that’s big egos or rigid, regimented structures. That really doesn’t sit well with me.

What I do like and always look for in the people we employ at Prevayl is respect, drive and motivation. If you have that, you can go far.

4. How do you approach building a team?

The first step is to identify those areas in which you want the business to excel in. You then have to search far and wide to find the right people with the desire, hunger and talent to propel you forward.

Following that, it’s all about trusting your instinct. If you get a good feel for someone then it’s important to go with it and trust your gut.

For a start-up that’s undergoing rapid growth, as a CEO you simply can’t be everywhere. There are key things that I need to focus on and make sure I’m excelling in myself.

In order for the business to flourish, you need to establish and trust leaders within the team and surrounding yourself with energised and motivated people that want to learn and share your vision.

5. The Prevayl team is multi-disciplinary with team members experts in very different fields, what are the key attributes that link them?

Apart from all being the very best at what they do in their own respective fields, they all share a genuine ambition to create a product that will change the world we live in today. You can feel the excitement and drive every single day.

6. With the team growing so quickly, how do you make sure you’re hiring the right people? That they are the right fit for the business?

Beyond the usual process, like a great CV and references as well as a gut feeling, I like to be able to enjoy a one on one conversation with them on my own.

It’s super important that I feel comfortable with the individuals we hire. As the business grows it’s vital for me to be able to put a lot of trust in the people we have hired to continue hiring the same calibre. Introductions always go a long way.

7. How have you structured the team at Prevayl?

Our team structure is extremely robust.

We have experienced leaders and some of the best brains in the industry across each workflow. Below that is a super capable, innovative and motivated team.

Most importantly we are all aligned and driven to work towards the same shared vision.

8. How do you make sure every member of the team sees their value in the business?

We’re a new business, so that means putting thought into this is super important.

To me, we’re only able to progress if each individual is working to the best of their ability. People do this when they feel valued and appreciated.

We hold regular monthly awards with categories like MVP, behind the scenes boss, fastest feet and best energy. It’s a great way of showing appreciation and a good vehicle for regular team bonding. I also find that simply saying thank you and acknowledging the amazing efforts people are going to, always goes a long way.

9. Lastly, what do you and the team do for fun?

Well, we’re working on that. The team might see a few surprises coming this month!

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Start-up Culture: Our Approach to Community Wellness

Remote working, flexibility, a vibrant office environment. This is the minimum employees expect when it comes to start-up culture.

Those businesses that are going above and beyond and focusing on community wellness, employee healthcare, and staff happiness are those that are breaking the mould and offering employees a true advanced environment in which to spend their daily working lives.

This is our approach at Prevayl®. Our technology has the capability to revolutionise individual health and performance across multiple industries. This has to begin with our own staff.

The desire for employee benefits  

According to a recent study, the quality and flexibility of health benefits was the most important factor for employees, with close to 90% citing this as their number one consideration when looking for new opportunities.

Other key benefits included perks that help to improve mental well-being, such as flexible working and gym memberships. Paid time off and annual leave is of course the minimum requirement, but for a high volume of employees, of all genders, an employers’ parental leave policy is of crucial importance.

So, how are leading businesses catering to this employee desire?

Burberry Parental Leave

At the end of November, Burberry announced the introduction of a new global parental leave policy.

Under the new policy all employees are offered 18 weeks of parental leave at full pay, with the opportunity to work a 30-hour week at full pay for an additional four weeks once they return to work.

Coming into effect in April, the policy will apply across the business worldwide, having a huge impact in those countries with much lower periods of statutory maternity and paternity leave.

Burberry’s aim is to create an open and inclusive environment, to give their staff the best possible experience, and the opportunities to continue to succeed in their roles during times of change in their personal lives.

Statutory parental leave may no longer cater to modern needs, Burberry is recognising the opportunity to do something different.

Amazon Care

October saw the pilot healthcare service go live for Amazon employees in and around the Seattle area.

The scheme, which is soon expected to be rolled out to Amazon staff across the board, offers virtual and in-person care, with telemedicine via app, chat and remote video. Follow up visits can be arranged, and medicine delivery is even included; unsurprisingly this applies to delivery to Amazon offices but also an employee’s home.

Amazon is just the latest of the Silicon Valley tech giants to offer this kind of staff healthcare scheme as a compulsory part of the employee benefits package. This is an innovative step right now, but you can expect it to become the norm in a just a few years’ time for tech companies of this scale.

Prevayl’s approach to community wellness

Our approach is to enhance the wellness of everyone within our Prevayl community.

The Prevayl team is packed with talent and creative minds from the worlds of technology, fashion design, data science, electronics, finance, marketing and Biosignal processing.

They each face daily challenges from solving complex problems, building innovative tech solutions and travelling the world. Keeping them physically and mentally healthy, well and fresh is of crucial importance.

Whilst our technology is set to provide the platform for individuals across the world to take ownership of their own healthcare data, for us innovation starts at home.

Individual health eco-system

Through the combination of our full coverage wearable and health-management platform, our employees have access to their own individual health eco-system. This provides access to their personal health data and offers the opportunity to take ownership of their individual health and well-being.

Whilst employees want benefits that cater to positive mental health, often individuals lack the self-awareness to know when work is beginning to impact this.

Each of our Prevayl employees’ individual dashboards ensure that the signs that are sometimes difficult to recognise, like stress indicators, will be clear to see.

The constant monitoring of their body’s signals provides a continuous stream of data and insight into how they react during moments of stress, illustrating when to slow down and when they can healthily push themselves. These daily reminders enable each individual to be guided on a gradual incline of improvement and self-awareness, with the foundation to make the right decisions for their personal working lives, every day.

Importantly it enables them to be healthy and happy at work.

The future

This is just the start for our staff. This technology and the insight into performance and health at work will begin to become the expectation amongst employees.

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