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Consumer participation, innovation & technological change

Consumers demand personalisation. They desire a unique experience that is bespoke to them. This in turn forces brands and industries to evolve, innovate and invest in tech.

Desire and demand as the driver for change is what brings new ideas and trends to fruition. What we’re seeing now is the desire of individuals to participate in their own experience whether healthcare, shopping, or entertainment.

This notion of participation is central to our work at Prevayl®, and it’s something that we’re seeing become increasingly important across a range of sectors. This trend is only set to become more prominent in 2020.

Adidas LDN

Adidas’ new flagship store opened on London’s Oxford Street this week, promising to be its most technologically advanced retail experience anywhere in the world. Central to each of the innovations in the 27,000 sq. ft store is consumer participation.

These include interactive mirrors in shopping rooms enabling shoppers to order different sizes direct from the stockroom, as well as the ability to use geolocation technology to scan products, check stock, request their size and purchase on the spot.

There’s also a giant LED screen showing the Emirates Stadium where Arsenal fans can take selfies in full kit, and bespoke rooms including the MakerLab, Running Lab and The Base.

Key to the concept is the participatory element of the consumer experience. Individuals take part in their own unique shopping experience. They own it and in the words of Adidas, “can come together to create”.

Fashion & Consumer Participation

Participation takes the notion of personalisation one step further. It’s much more than personalised ads and brand communication; it’s all about the experience.

Burberry has just announced a partnership with Tencent to develop the concept of social retail in China, blending social media and retail by creating digital and physical experiences for luxury consumers. These will be both in-store and online.

An initial concept store will open in Shenzhen to test and learn social innovations to engage customers.

The world of fashion and gaming are set to converge with the next stage in participatory experiences with the concept provided by streetwear label Alive & More.

The concept is a simple but effective one. Users download the app for the game Team Relms. Once in the game they travel to the virtual fashion world and unlock their very real garments. It’s win-win for both the label and the game. Users on the other hand get the chance to take part in a unique experience and gain access to some exclusive new clothes.

Wearables, Healthcare and Individual Participation

The desire for personal participation isn’t just behind recent innovations in retail, fashion and gaming. It is also fuelling one of the biggest healthcare trends of 2020; the capability of individuals to take ownership of their own health data and truly participate in their personal health.

Wearable technology has always tapped into the notion of individual participation. It adds an extra element to the personal experience whether focusing on sporting performance or general health.

Previous technology has limited the extent of this, however. Without the full picture of how the body reacts when it experiences different things, there isn’t the real opportunity to participate in your own healthcare.

At Prevayl, we’re changing that.

Our wearable technology is seamlessly integrated into clothing. It has the ability to receive more bio-data from the human body than any current leading wearable device. Crucially, it will power the largest ever known platform of human insights.

Wearing Prevayl-enabled connected-clothing daily ensures users will have their own personal curated health management system. They can interact and participate with their own health data, gaining healthy insights to enhance their sporting performance and improve their health.

This is where the desire for participation is driving the next innovation in healthcare.

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