December 24, 2019

Adam Crofts, CEO of Prevayl: 2019’s Key Learnings

Adam Crofts co-founded Prevayl® in April 2019. With the business enjoying huge growth before the end of the year, we sat down with the CEO to find out about his three biggest learnings from 2019.


Getting recruitment right was of fundamental importance to Prevayl this year.

The first step was to identify those areas where the business needed to excel. We then began a detailed search to secure the best possible people to make it a reality. Finding talent is just one aspect. They also need the desire, hunger and drive to propel us in the right direction.

The big challenge for me as a CEO was the fact I simply couldn’t be everywhere. We’ve undergone rapid growth in such a short space of time. That means it’s essential to find the best leaders who enable me to focus on certain tasks to ensure as a team we’re excelling in the right areas.

This is something we’ve done extremely well and will endeavour to do in 2020, as our team continues to grow at such a fast rate.

Alignment and Strategy

This has been a fundamental requirement from day one.

With what the business has set out to achieve, the scope and possibilities are huge. The team we have built have so many innovative and ground-breaking ideas, it’s vital that we keep the right direction and build these new ideas into the product suite when the time is right.

Again this comes back to getting an experienced and innovative team together. We’ve made some crucial hires from a strategic perspective to ensure we are all aligned with the right strategy, vision and goals. Always reverting back to this ensures we can move quickly when it comes to launching our products.

Collaboration is key for product development

Cross-department collaboration is of course always encouraged within the business. I find that the best ideas come from bringing a cross-section of people together and letting the ideas flow. At Prevayl, we have what I call an “eclectic mix of amazing minds”. Put them in a room together and some brilliant ideas will come. I’m genuinely excited to see what they come up with.

This same attitude needs to apply to the market you operate in also. While competition can drive innovation to ensure the end users get the best possible products, service or experience, collaboration can potentially push it further.

The Prevayl platform and health-tech ecosystem, Base, provides essential health insights to the end user. It isn’t closed off, however.

We could potentially see other businesses in this space as competition. We’re turning it the other way and encouraging collaboration by ensuring that wearable tech providers can work with us to improve their own offering. It’s my belief that this collaboration will drive innovation in the sector and ensure that users continue to receive tailored, personal and actionable health insights.

We’ll be hearing from Adam again soon when he’ll be discussing his ambitions for Prevayl in 2020.